Video Shooting

With all the information collected in the questionnaires, we started creating the audiovisual content. The filmmakings were made in 4 days, during 2 weekends and 2 weekday afternoons.
During this time 122 scenes were filmed, for the 111 memories chosen from the answers to the questionnaire and from the web blogs.


We also made a search on YouTube and Vimeo websites because, again, as with the memories from each feeling, we wanted some content for our project that came from web users not “acting as actors”, situations not created by us but that are spontaneously shared by people to the (virtual online) world.
All the downloaded media was not restricted for use, being either YouTube’s general license or under a Creative Commons license.
For the editing of the video, we searched in specific web-forums for guidelines for the use of effects on video adequate for each feeling. The final concept for the effects were:

  • Love: Black and White images, slow movements;
  • Happiness / Joy: use of a yellow glare, a bit diffuse (with a blur), giving an ethereal look to the footage;
  • Longing: Sepia toned colors, with a 8mm camera effect, a bit as if it was filmed many years ago;
  • Discomfort: cold toned colors, sharp images, and high contrast;

So, all the videos were edited according to these visual effects. A detail on this editing is that some footage was used for more than one feeling (as the same memory was referred to more than one feeling on the questionnaire answers) and it did actually give a different sensation (feeling) depending on the effect used.
At the end, we created a total of 24 sequences, 7 for joy / happiness, 6 for love, 6 for longing and 5 for discomfort. The installation triggers one of these videos randomly but, of course, according to each feeling (per example, if the given hug was detected as a love hug, it would show randomly one of the 6 video sequences that existed for love).