The Room’s Mood

The Room’s Mood it’s an application that shows how the participants are feeling.

According to the analyzed data about the given hugs, 100 glowing balls are drawn in real time showing the feelings triggered by the hugs in a percentage mode. By this, it means that one ball does not represent one hug, instead the number of balls for each colors represent the percentage of each feeling. For each of the feelings, a color has been attributed: pink for love, dark yellow for happiness, blue for longing and purple for discomfort. These colors were chosen according to the colors usually more related to each of these feelings. The balls are a bit blurred and move slowly in random directions, a bit like if they were ethereal, somewhat how a feeling would be…

This application is to be projected outside the room where the mannequin and the participants are, as it can encourage people who’s passing by to be a participant in the installation.

See The Room’s Mood with the hugs given so far –>