The system connection and software programing

Technologically, for this project to work, we needed at least 12 sensors, connected to an Arduino board that analyzed which sensors were pressed, how strongly and for how long. In Hug Me we used the Arduino Duemilanove ATmega 328 board. This board only has six entries, so we needed to use 2 multiplexers in order to develop the project with a greater number of sensors.


When assembling the circuit there were some problems with some of the components. The major problems were related to the use of multiplexers since some of these pins were damaged and, given the time available, we were unable to change components, so we had to solve the problem with these same components. This also proved to be a factor that made us loose some time in the development of the circuit. After mounting the circuit, the responsibility was to minimize assembly errors and optimize the circuit in order to function as intended.

The coding was made in the Arduino specific software that sent data to Processing through serial port. That data would only be the value for the feeling of the hug. Processing would do a very simple program: whenever it received a signal from the Serial port, triggered a random video from that feeling, connects to the online database and writes the feeling in the database.

So, the definition of the feeling according to the sensors was made in the Arduino board with the program loaded to it.