Sensors placement

The arrangement of the sensors, was a focal point of the project, since these had to be allocated to specific places to ensure that the feelings were well represented and associated with each type of hug, so we could ensure the success of the project. The sensors were placed in their positions through the use of glue and kappa line in the mannequin, which provided us a consistent structure.

With the positions identified, we then defined which sensors to activate and its power to represent each feeling. For ease of reference, we define the sensors associated to the multiplexer 1 as sensors 1.1, 1.2, …, and the second digit corresponding to the input pin of the multiplexer. The same applies to the multiplexer 2.

In the approach to the feelings we turn to the study and research done previously.
So, activating the sensors mentioned above associated with its strength, the Arduino sends a flag for the Processing software to the type of feeling that would be represented.