Hug Me at INTER-FACE : International Conference on Live Interfaces 2014

Hug Me was at INTER-FACE, the International Conference on Live Interfaces 2014, in November.

INTER-FACE was the second International Conference on Live Interfaces. It gathered paper presentations, performances, interactive installations, poster demonstrations and workshops. The first conference took place in 2012, Leeds, UK. In 2014, it has happened in Lisbon, Portugal. Click HERE to see the complete program.

INTER-FACE is dedicated to problematising convergences and divergences between different understandings of performance technology. It seeks to expose a variety of motivations and approaches, and discuss how specific understandings of ‘liveness’, ‘immediacy’, ‘timing’ or ‘flow’ manifest in performance with digital media.


You can download the presentation from here: download the pdf of the ppt (1.4Mb)

Or the preview of the paper from here (yet to appear on final publication): Draft paper (4.8 Mb).


Hope you enjoy it. Please, let us know your thoughts.



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