The Hug Me project aimed to conceptualize the human feelings in hugging by creating a multimedia environment around the installation and the participant himself, becoming the projection of the participant feelings.

To reach that, the team made a scientific and conceptual validation that sustained the technological part of the artwork. On the other hand, the technological system developed fitted the needs for the project to work and, above all, was very accurate in determining the feeling on each hug. Obviously there were some limitations, as everybody hugs differently. But in a general balance, the system can perceive the felling for the given hug.

Also the audiovisual content was framed in the concept of the feelings we worked on, validated by an extensive analysis to several people visions of each feeling.

The way to interact with the installation also became an advantage to the project: when the participant embraces the mannequin (and it responds with the multimedia projection), he bounds to the installation and the participant connects to the artwork itself. We found it very interesting that some of the participants on the exhibition presentation, after hugging the mannequin, came to us and asked for a hug. In this case, the artwork really stimulated feelings on the participants. Now that we think of it, it would be wonderful if we also had some sensors attached to us in that moment that could perceive which feelings were those…