The work regarding the audio part was to collect samples of music that somehow correspond to the type of feeling that it was intended to convey. Initially, several songs were created in order to create soundscapes but the final result was not as good as we expected so we decided to search for some free music on some websites.  For this, we decided to use only pieces of music that could represent these same environments and thus represent the types of feelings addressed. For this purpose we used samples from Electronic music, Soul music, Funk and Rock of the 70’s.

At the end, we found most of the music we wanted to use in Moby’s website. This website allows the use of music for free, with a license that needs to be requested by email. We also got some of the samples for the FlashKit website, on the Sound FX and Sound Loops sections.


Given the permission for the use of the music we wanted, we edited and sampled the music, creating new samples to fit in the concept of each feeling. Some of the music was presented as they were originally, as we had the concern to get a license to use it, or we got it from a free use website (FlashKit).

For the four types of feelings we had different approaches in selecting samples, since the feelings in question were the love, longing, joy and discomfort.

Soul music was predominant, as it covered both love and longing, followed by Rock and Funk for joy. For discomfort, we used some Soul and Electronic music.