Thank you

This work wouldn’t be possible without the help and support of several people. Some names we can point here, others shall remain in our grateful memory.

Thanks to Professor Júlio Machado Vaz, for taking time out of his lunch hours to tell us about human feelings behind hugs.

Thanks to teacher and choreographer Cláudia Stattmiller, for receiving us in her classes, for teaching us how the human body behaves on each kind of hug.
Thanks to all the fabulous students of the START theatre group, for having us in their classes, for their help and joy in doing all the filmmakings.

Thanks to Marta, for being our actress, for all her patience and smiles in the day she spent with us. Thanks to Pedro, for helping in the 2 days of filmmaking and a lot along the project. Thanks to Miguel, Alexandra, Clarinha and Ritinha, this great family where I see two great feelings: love and happiness.

Also, thanks to David Fernandes, Hugo Teixeira and Nuno Pires, who started the implementation of the project prototype with us in the Media Lab discipline, from the Digital Media PhD, at FEUP. Also to Fábio Sousa, for the help in the circuits creation.

Thanks also to our professors Carlos de Oliveira and Eurico Carrapatoso, for their help in both technical and conceptual questions but, above all, for opening our minds so we understand that, in a multimedia project, everything can be done but the most important thing is “what makes us humans”…